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Glory Design Concept

In this design work, the designer want to show us " Don't be afraid of the darkness " ! Because " When you are facing the sunlight, you will stand in front of shadow. " there is sunshine where the shadow is, then the sun and the dark is one of the two sides! At any time, we can choose to face ourselves with confidence and affirmation!

The glory of psyche and inner wisdom are the rear guards to guide a lost traveler through darkness and meet another better self in future. This series tells "you will stand in front of shadow when facing the sunlight, so don't be afraid of darkness." At any time, we can choose to face ourselves with confidence and affirmation!

There is the guardian of light behind every shadow. The inner wisdom will lead a lost person through the darkness to meet the better self in the future. The Glory series use coloured precious metals and coloured diamonds to create the transformation in four stages in accordance to the main presentation of the Glory design. The diamond as the main stone represents the radiance of our inner heart. The black diamond in the outer ring represents the dark path in life. The rays symbolize a typical path, and the dancing light symbolizes a rugged journey, that represents life cycle transformation process from being strong-willed to being gentle – a sense of gentle companionship.

The Series - Glory is being design in the four stages of change which consist the color of precious metal and the color of the diamond.

The First Phase

The periphery is surrounded by yellow and white precious metals, black diamond in the inner ring is use to set off the strong and powerful light of the central diamond. The design of this phase reflects the contradiction that exists between our inner light and darkness. In the rotation of the light, began to see the dark end hidden behind the sun.

When we face the reality, we are accustomed to disguise and ignore the true feelings of the heart. In fact, our hearts, that is, the middle of this piece of diamond light, is still bright bloom. When we face the real self, we are able recover ourselves.

The Second Phase

The periphery is surrounded by rose gold and white gold, black diamond is still in the inner ring, however, the gold on the first phase is changed to rose gold, it represents that at the same time that we met ourselves, we have gradually turned our attention to the true self.

Because we saw, met, and finally faced ourselves, as a result, the original opposite philosophy of life and heart began to have a soft change. The center is replaced by a yellow diamond, this kind of change symbolizes concentration begins to coalesce and create a transformation.

The Third Phase

The periphery is already change to 18K gold. The black diamond in the inner ring is replaced by yellow colored diamonds. The yellow colored diamonds embrace the central diamond. Strong and powerful light of the central diamond visualize the strength.

This phase is a symbol of returning to yourself, get back your inner strength, and also symbolizes the glory of self-confidence. Rigid and merry, inferiority and arrogance of the run-in, through the contradictory staggered, find the be loved self.

The last phase

The precious metals of the outer are changed to 18K rose gold. The main stone in the middle also uses a more innovative bisha brown diamond. The bright light comes with gentle mind and wisdom. Wisdom like water has a great deal of flexibility at all times. Such wisdom leads us to take a different view of things. The four metamorphosis phases of collection Glory is a spiritual journey, it take us to the importance of empathy and the value of self existence.

Writing : Designer: Kathleen Tung

Date : 15.06.2021

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