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【Provision about Appreciation Period】

■ According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, consumers have the right to enjoy a seven-day hesitation period (appreciation period) after the product is delivered. Appreciation period is not probation period.

【Product Return or Replacement Provisions】

■ Jewelry are valuables, though our products could not be returned or exchanged. Please make sure the specification and measurement are all correct. Welcome to visit us and meet the jewelries in person.

■ SUMARI JEWELRY CO only provide exchanging for rings with the error measurement in ±2 (except some of the rings with gem stones.) Each product could only be exchanged once during the 7-day hesitation period, please make sure the product and the package are intact, and bring to us with invoice, certification and any other certified documents. In mailing method, customer should be responsible for the shipping fee.


■ 依照消費者保護法規定,消費者均享有商品到貨七天猶豫期【鑑賞期】之權益,【鑑賞期】非【試用期】。


■ 由於珠寶為有價物,因此買賣不退換貨,請務必確認使寸測量,歡迎預約前往現場鑑賞實品。

■ 本公司可接受支商品更換項目,僅限同款戒指尺寸±2號更換(部分含寶石商品除外),每樣商品限換貨一次,換貨時商品包裝盒必須完整且商品為全新狀態,並於購買日起七天內持發票、鑑定書、購買證明等文件至本公司辦理,或以郵寄方式寄回本公司,運費需自行承擔。

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