Anti-Domestic Violence Series|

The Way Home !

Let the story behind tears speak of empathy.

Let the tears fall down and be cured of love.

We hope to heal every broken heart with the Anti-Domestic Violence Series. And by those jewelry pieces to accompany them until they find the way home.

We believe a sincere comfort requires less words, yet a simple but deep trust and faith will be fine.


The dominant and the dominated,

Mutually suppressed emotions,

sharpens the mind.

An unintentional injury

brands a timeless scar.

Bleeding heart

The crying heart left two trails of tears,

which burned my heart like fire.

Every tear is burning in my heart,

the stunned and empty eyes are disturbed,

Face contorted and waiting for a pair of gentle hands to smooth the pain,

and to heal the valley of tears.

Phase One

Out of context

Design composed of Insanity, Bleeding Heart, and Incessant Examination.

I want to speak out loud, but the words get stuck in my throat.

I want to say something, but i just can hear the crying from my heart.

Keep checking

Too many words have not been uttered,

yet the communication is done.

Confirm carefully and repeatedly

But misunderstood again and again

Build a high wall in my heart.