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A story about dreams - SUMARI International Jewellery

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Designer Ms Tung Chia Yun (Kathleen Tung) , The Brand founder of Sumari Jewellery.

At the age of 16, I'm fell in love with amethyst at first sight. When I was 19, I'm got in touch with crystal by chance. And after 4-year dug into the history of jewels, I'm successfully set up a stall as a sideline at the age of 23. Unfortunately, I have suffered from acute thrombocytopenia and was forced to suspend everything. As the course treatment went no end in sight, I did not give up. I'm turned grief into power, and resign my 8-year career as a bank clerk, founded a personal studio resolutely. As my studio went well, I kept up my pace focused on self-awareness and life studies.

I like painting since I was a little child. When I grow up, I gave up on my childhood dream of painting because of economic factors. In 2012, I took body, mind and Spirit courses and met a chance. Someone who he ask me : what’s your dream? I told him : All my life, My dream is to be a designer.

Then, I started to paint for waking up my dream. The Starting point of my design was in 2014. I set up Jewellery shop in East district in Taipei,. Taiwan.

In 2015, I set up Sumari International Jewellery company in Xinyi District, In Taipe,. Taiwan. And I started to be full - time designer.

In 2016, I set up Sumari Jewellery Sg, between CBD and Chinatown, in Singapore. During this period, I was down to earth to achieve my dream.

It’s my pleasure to be a designer, the brand of Sumari jewellery sg, made my dream and my design. The design is not limited , There are not boundaries of the design!

I want use lines to tell the universe, How wonderful the world is!

Besides, My design encourages dream makers to be unafraid, when they walk a road to achieving dream. Moreover, behind Every Story, there is a wonder of each vital consciousness。

While my dream came true, I'm even don’t feel the pain anymore. Because of my experience, my emotion became more sensitive than others. I'm fills all of my designs with deep affection, and believes that designs could tell, streaks could bring out warmth. I hopes that everyone who wears my design could be confidence and knows that “I am not useless. I am not alone”.

Writer : Designer Ms. Kathleen Tung

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