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Customized Services

Services we provide:
1. The child’s work!

We understand the immense cherish and love of parents for their children,

Children's free-wheeling ideas may be your treasure for life!

Sumari International Jewelry provides you with perfect customized services,  making children's paintings become jewelry, often with you around.


2. You are your the best designer! 

All works of Sumari International Jewelry are hand-made.

We welcome everyone who has the designer's dream to participate in the design experience, personally design your own unique jewelry and give yourself a priceless gift.

3. Designer create tailor-made design for you!

Do you want to send the most beautiful blessings to your beloved ones?

We sincerely hope that everyone who walks into Sumari International Jewelry will be filled with happiness and come back home fully loaded.

You are welcome to make an appointment with the designer to communicate face-to-face, let the designer listen to your heart feelings and inner stories, and help you pick the most suitable diamonds/gems for you and draw the jewelry design that belongs to you only.


Ordering Process:

Step 1. Select a service.

Step 2. Select your preferred diamond or gem (Cost of the ordered diamond or gem needs to be paid in full at this step).

Step 3. After the design drawing is approved and confirmed, select an appropriate precious metal (925 pure silver, 14K gold, or 18K gold) to go with your diamond or gem.

Step 4. Start  jewelry making upon confirmation of  quotation.

Step 5. The finished jewelry is presented to jewelry appraising organization to get the appraisal certificate.

Step 6. Waiting for the delivery.

Customized Services and Terms of Services:

1.  The designer shall charge 10% of the cost of finished products as the design fee.

2.  Upon confirming the dimensions and size of the design drawing, the precious metal material (925 pure silver/14K Gold/18K gold) and the color (platinum, rose gold, gold, jump inlay gold, etc.), we will make the prototype to the customer for confirmation, which is the final modification deadline of the work.


3. Because everyone's preferences are different, if the designer's original design works are used for customized adjustment or modification services, such as ear pin to ear clip, ring to bracelet, etc., there will be price differences according to customer requirements.


4.   For customized adjustment or modification services based on the designer's original design works, to change precious metals, gems and diamonds, please first determine the size of the production (precious metals, gems and diamonds will form a price difference due to the size adjustment), then confirm the prototype (i.e. the deadline for modification), and finally determine the production.

*All customized services listed above will be charged according to the amount of gold used by customers, including diamond and gemstone modified size and calculated price, not the original products.

■ The precious metals used to make Sumari jewelry include 18k gold, 14k gold, platinum, or other precious metals uniquely owned by Sumari International Jewelry Co., Ltd.


■ *A warranty card will be attached to our jewelry. That is, within one year from the customer's purchase date, the warranty covers any defects * caused by the manufacturing of SUMARI international jewelry, excluding human damage *.


■ The daily maintenance of jewelry can be carried out by washing with mild water and wiping with jewelry wiping cloth.

■  For jewelry related service information, please read the SUMARI JEWELRY warranty manual. For after-sales service, please keep your warranty manual, product and receipt. If you have any questions during the 7-day appreciation period, feel free to contact us, we will address your questions as soon as possible.

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