Fresh Jade Series

Breaking away from traditional styles, SUMARI's precious jadeite jewelry, embellished with magnificence, set off an extraordinary elegance. Such works of arts radiate a novel yet splendid beauty.



Jadeite jade bangle has profound meaning symbolizes the inheritance of "happiness " in eastern culture.

Implication 1. When Parents gift a bangle to their children, that is meaning they wish their children safety, peaceful and happiness around in their lives. 

Implication 2. When parents gift a pair of Jadeite to their children, symbolizes that lovers will eventually get married and have a happy marriage

Implication 3. Since ancient time, jadeite jade bangle symbolizes the elegance, graceful and harmony of women.


Jadeite has always been the most representative symbol of “Love” in the transmission of culture from one generation to the next. At the same time, it also signifies the continuity of life between generations. The circumrotating wheel of life is motivated by inner desire, while emotions are the driving force behind realising one’s dreams.