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12 Zodiac - dragon

12 Zodiac - dragon

The type A Near Colorless  jadeite jade pendant is dragon setting, the jade has perfect thickness and lustre. Highly Translucent under light. Set in 18k gold.


-Details -

Origin Location : Burma

Weight:4.17 grams

Measurements of jade:

9.15  mm x 6.01  mm x 3.28 mm

Shape of jade cut : oval, cabochon

metal setting ; 12 zodiac - dragon

Color : Near colorless

Transparency: Highly translucent (icy variety) 


Introducing 12 zodiac - dragon

Ordering 5th in the Zodiac, the Dragon signifies a bumper grain harvest, and is hence representative of booming business and rolling riches. In addition, it is widely seen as a auspicious beast. Not only does it represent continuous promotion through the official ranks and a bright future, it carries with it an open, creative mind beneficent to all. It is hence very suitable for entrepreneurs and people in the creative industry.


The simpler the lines, the larger the challenge to the designer’s imagination and creativity.  In a flash of brilliance, the designer has deftly included the sika deer’s horns in her portrayal of the Dragon, conveying innovation and creativity. The body of the Dragon is portrayed linearly, using 18K white/yellow gold metalwork. The use of white jadeite to bring out the Zodiac designs is inspired by the five elements of nature, while the Dragon’s curled body represents rolling riches and wealth.


~ Our Guaranteed ~

Sumari Jewellery Sg All items of Jade are Type A only. No indication of chemical treatment.


~ About us ~

Sumari Jewellery Sg Founded in 2004 in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 2016 in Singapore. Good at creative and travel story Jewellery design.


~ Designer Experience ~

Kathleen Tung, a Jewelry designer with a chronic dislocation of the right hand that lead to moderate physical handicap. She laid the foundation of her dream when she got acquainted with crystals and gems ore at the age of 16. She got officially studied with gemstone ore knowledge at the age of 19.


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