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Let take a brief talk about Gemstone / Jadeite

The origin of gemstones / jadeite always had a certain influence and importance on the value of gemstones / jadeite. #jade #jadeite #talk #value #sumarijewellerysg

As widely known: Ruby’s main locality of origin is Burma. Emerald’s main locality of origin is Colombia. However, good quality emeralds are starting to be discovered in Zambia, and more gems that were originally found only in well-known origins are starting to be excavated in other countries.

How to identify the origin and authenticity of gemstones has always been the most important thing for consumers when choosing jewellery for collection purposes.

In fact, every natural gemstone has unique mineral crystals and mineral elements. This is one of the ways and links to identify the origin. However, in an era of advanced technology and the pursuit of flawless texture, some natural gemstones usually heat-treated to adjust the color of the gemstone and to clean up the minerals. The clarity the gemstone after heating, the more difficult it is to detect the origin, or the origin cannot be correctly determined.

As far as jadeite is concerned, the largest origin of jadeite is Myanmar, but in recent years, traces of jadeite have been found in Russia and Guatemala. In particular, the jadeite from Guatemala is very similar to the jadeite from Myanmar, and at the same time, the texture is clear, and the color is sky blue as the most famous color.

Since I prefer purple, ice and special colors, not just like green, so my customers often ask me "Isn't Jadeite not yet only green?" while foreign customers are very Confused and asked me "What's the original color of Jadeite?". Then I explain to foreign customers, "The color of jade is like tourmaline, it has many different colors, and sometimes will growth with other gemstones. and sometimes have two to three colors combined together.

Such as: spring lavender , three-color jade( as known Red, blue, green( or yellow) combine together). white with green , Jadeite usually with characteristic combination of color.

Next time we talk about: Three Major locality of jadeite jade ( As known Fei Cui ) : Burma , Russia , Guatemala.

*According to the different factions studied, there will be slight differences in the "species, water head and colour of jadeite, as well as the name of species, colour and carving meaning of jadeite."

*This article does not distinguish between good and bad, because any valuable gemstone and jade will fluctuate in price due to market demand.*

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