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Do you know "How many different carved of jadeite jade bangles ?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Wish you will be able to find your fate jadeite jade bangle

1. ROUND BANGLE ( As known Blessing bangle)

The most famous is that there are 3 circle requirements : Inner circle shape need round, outer circle need round and bar-shaped circle also need round.

When jadeite jade bangle shape that anastomosis 3 circles round can be call it Blessing bangle.

It symbolizes perfection, happiness and joyful around made family harmony.

It is the famous happiness bangle in ancient time.

Due to the strict requirements of the round bangle, the value will be high (Mainly based on the transparency ).


( As known Peace bangle 平安鐲 )

The carving features bow to semi- circle and the outer ring is round wide and honest.

Since the inner ring is flat, and the carved method let outer ring shaped is like a saddle, due to the inner ring is flat and the outer ring is like a saddle, so hence name "peace bangle".

*The bangle is much common found in the market. And is usually use as a married gift to the daughter's from the ancient parents.


Jadeite has many colors, when a piece of jadeite material has multiple color together, the carver work will use the way of carving, to show the better quality way of jadeite.

The carved jade is mostly used on colorful jade, or the jade has a beautiful colors, but has a little flawed, the master carved work will skill full design to retouch.

Common carved include : Ruyi / Lucky coin/ Bamboo. Or auspicious animals.

Will introduce next time

4. 美人鐲


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