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Anti Domestic Violence Series

A Public Welfare Commitment - ​Anti-Domestic Violence

"Find the Way Home with Love and Heart"

The Anti-Domestic Violence series production consists of 27 short stories, which are presented in nine phases and three parts.

The production is a whole-hearted artistic brainchild by its designer. It is our heart-felt hope that each run-away soul could have company and comfort. No need for too many words. A simple greeting would heal a wounded heart.

The Anti-Domestic Violence Series is extended by Family Series. The Family Series consists of Child's Play Series, Into the Deep Series and The Anti-Domestic Violence Series. The series focus on the condition cause by verbal violence and mental violence. The verbal violence before behavioral violence has become an issue that people started to realize nowadays. The so call verbal violence will make people depress their mind and emotions, words might not be uttered, but the communication has done already.

When we became a bystander of violent and abused, how can we step into their shoes and try to feel empathy between them from the bottom of our hearts, but not to draw a conclusion simply through their outward behavior. We needed to uncover the sense of feeling insecurity which extended by being abandoned that makes us feel self-denial. Psychological level are like a building, we started from the basic, which is our family. The way we grow up just like building a structure level by level. We started to cover ourselves with layers of equipment, turns innocent into no mercy. Every time when we step out our home, are like going to the battlefield, our limbs are stiff and our smile are fake. Let's uncover the multifaceted psychology with the designer and her designs. Together we can heal the unremarkable scares in the deep of the heart.

Dictation : Kathleen Tung

背景音樂: Acoustic Guitar 1

音樂家: music by

反家暴(返家抱)系列 華語

反家暴(返家抱)系列是親子系列的延伸,親子系列有海洋系列、童趣系列以及反家暴(返家抱)系列,反家暴(返家抱)系列共有3部曲9階段27小故事,主要是以夾雜在受虐者與施虐者之間的【暴力旁觀者】心理結構分析的作品。 每一離家的孩子,都渴望回家,更渴望一粉溫暖的擁抱,我們情感的地基來自【原生家庭】,我們內在的情感與情緒基礎認知,每一顆受傷的心,都內含著被遺棄感所延伸的不安全感與不信任感,像洋蔥一樣,一層一層的在成長過程中包覆著我們,情緒與情感的解構需要像包洋蔥一般,一層一層的被解構。 我們衷心的期盼,透過反家暴(返家抱)系列的作品,能讓角落的淚水被傾聽、被同理,被療癒,並且能擁有一份溫暖的陪伴以及簡單而深厚的信心與信念。



口述: 董佳芸設計師

背景音樂: Green Leaves

音樂家: music by

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