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8 March International Women's Day

Natural Wonder - Ladybug Series

The designer uses ruby gemstone to represent the power to overcome any obstacles, the uses of Diamond, Ruby and Garnet to symbolize never give up, and the uses of opal to express selfless love. She incorporated all these beautiful elements in the ladybug series.

Ladybug - Freedom fly in the world

It is flying freedom in the forest, it looks like small, but actually it's not. It has unique charming shiny. It doesn't afraid any dangers and show its nature.

Ladybug - Back to inner home

The garnet ladybug it represents returning to the home of the soul, because the ladybug slowly returns to the center point on her path, hence returning to the soul. The garnet represents the courage of going home.

Ladybug - Returning to the home of the soul

As for the cordierite ladybug bracelet, the ladybug flies inward represent returning to the home of the soul, meaning habitat. When the designer travels in Finland, she saw a ladybug perched in the bush, this is why she drew a ladybug inhabiting.

There is another series here, it’s. In this series, a lot of gemstones used here were opal, cordierite or ruby, because this series is about the natural wonders, which symbolizes the miracle of bravery, as such ruby gemstone also symbolizes miracle.

Every year's 02 MARCH - 10 MARCH, for our "WONDER WOMEN'S DAY", during this period, we have a special "WOMEN'S DISCOUNT" 38 % off.

In this world, there are still many corners where many women still suffer unfair treatment. In some countries, women are sexually assaulted.

We hope that a little kindness can gather to light up the world. Let more women see their beauty! saw their uniqueness! Because 【You are worth it】!!

除了西貝流士的官風琴鋼管雕塑藝術,在當時的芬蘭,瑞典對於女性藝術家的排斥,甚至上街頭抗議,19世紀歐美婦女女性工廠薪資的不平等,直至現在,還是有許多的東南亞國家性侵女性或幼童, 除了對活動的重視,我們同時也有著持續的小善-反家暴【返家抱】


我們向曾經努力過的女性致敬。連結為維基百科介紹 38 international women's day

Written by Kathleen


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