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Sumari International Jewellery sincerely hope that every of our Client can feel life’s pure nature, happiness and gratitude.

Sumari Jewellery Sg-. founded in Taipei city in 2004 – founded in Singapore in 2016. 

Sumari International Jewellery design work is like pursuing a traveler’s journal, jotting down every little story from every corners of the world. Everyone is like a story book, worthy to recollect every moment. Every jewellery piece encompasses ‘warmth’ between you and I. Every gemstones is unique, just like you and I.

Every inch of the reclamation land in Singapore symbolize happiness, with the grace of the universe guarding and surround the people with lots of good blessings.

What is home?  Where is the hearts wants, Where is the home be.

What is dream? It’s the ideal that one wishes to express and convey.


Milestones of SUMARI

2004 Started up as a roadside vendor.

2006 Expanded into a work studio.

2015.09 The birth of Sumari International Jewelry Brand.

2015.10 SUMARI opened Xinyi-Guangfu store in Taipei.

2016.09 Established Sumari International Jewelry

             Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2017.02 Opened a store in Chinatown, Singapore.

2017.11 Took part in Taiwan Jewellery&Gem Fair.

2019.07 SUMARI was included in the yearbook of Jewelry,

             Culture&Art exhibition.

2019.07 Participated in Singapore International Jewelry


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