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Love of life pendant

Love of life pendant


Weight : 2.88 gram


18.70mm x 5.90mm x 3.65mm

Color :

Near colorless with bluish green patches


- Design Concept -


The jadeite jade comprising pink sapphires presented in a droplet shape, leading to a tubular, uncarved jadeite pendant set in 18K white gold, this design signifies one-and-only everlasting love and companionship.



~ Guaranteed ~
Sumari Jewellery Sg All items of Jade / gemstone are Natural only. No indication of chemical treatment.
~ Designer Experience ~ 
Kathleen Tung, a Jewelry designer with a chronic dislocation of the right hand that lead to moderate physical handicap. She laid the foundation of her dream when she got acquainted with crystals and gems ore at the age of 16. She got officially studied with gemstone ore knowledge at the age of 19. the knowledge and practical experience gained over the past 20 years and counting.
~ Concept ~
Sumari International Jewellry’s design is like a travellers’ diary recording its journey. And every person, like a book written with their own story. Every story is appreciated and worth the recollection. Every piece of Sumari International Jewellery provides the warmth that connects us. Every gemstone is unique, like you and I.
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