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Type A Yellow Jade Snake Pendant

Type A Yellow Jade Snake Pendant

Type A Faint Brown Jadeite jade snake pendant, set in 18k white gold.


The jade colour details:

Faint brown

Transparency: Translucent

Origin location: Burma

Metal : 18k white gold


48.01 mm X 18.85 mm X 9.71 mm


*The pendant itself has no cotton thread/ no crystal line, which is perfect thickness and lustre . Translucent under light.


* The photo was taken in natural light source, and the light source is different from different angles.




Meaning of Snake carved -Power and Wealth

The Snake is representative of power and wealth. In Egyptian legends, snakes are associated with authority and power. Greek mythology has it that there is a totem of a snake on the goddess of wisdom Athena’s shield, acting as an emblem of protection and defence. Similarly, in Chinese folklore, the Snake is representative of many things. Seen as an archetype of the dragon, it symbolises career prosperity and agility in thinking, as well as health and longevity. The Snake further signifies the disappearance of all adversities and misfortune, and the welcome of blessings. Interestingly enough, the Snake also stands for being blessed with many children, and was hence often used to signify one’s wishes for children in ancient Chinese culture.


~ Our Guaranteed ~

Sumari Jewellery Sg All items of Jade are Type A only. No indication of chemical treatment. Every each Jadeite bangle Come with NGI certificate.


~ About us ~

Sumari Jewellery Sg Founded in 2004 in Taipei. Founded in 2016 in Singapore. Good at creative and travel story Jewellery design.


~ Designer Experience ~

Kathleen Tung, a Jewelry designer with a chronic dislocation of the right hand that lead to moderate physical handicap. She laid the foundation of her dream when she got acquainted with crystals and gems ore at the age of 16. She got officially studied with gemstone ore knowledge at the age of 19.


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