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Cerisher Emerald Ring

Cerisher Emerald Ring


Main Series : Cherisher

Metal Material: 18k Gold / 18k Rose Gold
Main Gem: Emerald (0.38 Carats)

Side Gem: Colored diamonds (0.35 Carats)


The first quarter of the month is a brand new beginning.

The moon's moon is embellished with emeralds to show the gorgeous elegance. The square emerald and the moon are flush with the outer ring. The height of the bottom of the body can show its elegant and gorgeous unique temperament, and the emerald design concept is supported by the bottom end of the winding moon, just like the arms and arms embrace the heart in the arms to pamper and care.
The metal material is specially mixed with 18k gold/18k rose gold, which shows the two-stage color in the moon, which makes the moon look soft in the night.


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