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Kathleen Tung


"Blooming is showing, showing is expressing."

Give life a strong opportunity to create unlimited dreams and hopes.

 Tung Chia Yun is a jewelry designer with chronic right hand joint dislocation and is classified as an individual with moderate physical disability. At the age of 16, she had her first encounter with the beautiful purple amethyst. That experience laid the foundation for her dreams. But hindered by family factors, Dong, who loved painting since childhood, could only hide her dreams in reality.

At the age of 19, she had another dramatic encounter with amethyst by chance. After four years of intensive research and study, she embarked on a dream road at the age of 23 by setting up a roadside jewelry stand as her moonlighting business. However, a sudden acute thrombocytopenia  dealt her a painful blow. During the seemingly endless treatment process, Tung Chia Yun not only did not give up, but transformed the turning point of life into a driving force for progress. She resolutely quit her 8-year job as a bank clerk, set up her own personal studio, and set a milestone for her dream. The establishment of the studio did not slow down her move forward. During the journey of rediscovering herself mentally and physically and the re-thinking of her values, she had a dialogue with her spiritual tutor who asked her, "What is your dream?" She replied without hesitation, " an international jewelry designer!"

In 2014, she set up the first "Concept Jewelry Shop" with focus on creative and fashion ideas in the prime eastern commercial area in Taipei. In 2015, Sumari International Jewelry Co., Ltd. opened its shop in Xinyi District in Taipei. In 2016, a subsidiary of Sumari was established in Singapore. In less than a year, a retail shop of Sumari in Singapore opened. While realizing her dream, Tung Chia Yun's illness was completely healed. Because of her miraculous personal experience, her emotions are richer and her thoughts are more delicate. She integrates her emotional touch into her designs, insists on "writing stories with design, and transferring warmth with lines", hoping that all people wearing the jewelry she designed can have the self-confidence and conviction: "Unyielding and better and better, I am not alone."  



2018.10  Join Taiwan Jewelry Designer Association as a member.

2019.03 Being publish in the "VendomeSquare"


2019.07 Invited to participate in the Jewelry

             Art&Culture Exhibition

2020.04 Being publish in the "Jewelry World"


​2020.05 Being published in the "China Jadeite"


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