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Cherisher Emerald Pendant

Cherisher Emerald Pendant


Metal Material: 18k Gold / 18k Rose Gold
Main Gem: Emerald (0.48 carats) Inlaid with precious stones

Side Gem: Colored diamonds (0.52 carats)


The first quarter of the month is a new beginning, and the moon's moon-studded emerald shows a gorgeous and elegant temperament. The rectangular emerald and the moon are flush with the outer ring. At the bottom of the first quarter, the emerald is held up, like the arms and arms embracing and loving and caring in the arms.

The metal material is specially mixed with 18k gold/18k rose gold, which shows the two-stage color in the moon, which makes the moon look soft in the night.

The ten kinds wearing methods are based on the moon's monthly cycle to make the invention design concept of the jewelry. The change of each wearing circle is the process of the full moon, which symbolizes a love and guardianship. Full blessing.

  • Jewellery Take Care

    1.) Do Not Expose ring to Chemicals

    1.Never Clean Your Jewellery with other Jewellery Or Household Cleaner, as it will destroy the beauty of the stone, especially its lustre.

    2.Remove your Jewellery before going for your swimming sessions as the water in the swimming pool usually contains large amounts of chlorine which will also damage your jewellery.

    2.) Wipe It with a Microfiber Cloth

    Using a microfiber cloth to wipe down the jewellery will give the stone a sheen, smooth look and prevent scratches.

    3.) Keep Your Items Separate from Other Gemstones

    When you store with other gemstones or jewellery items, you risk your  Jewellery getting scratched by the other gemstones especially Diamonds. Place them in a jewellery box on their own or in a separate compartment.

    4.) Use Water

    Avoid cleaning your ring with any acids, salt water or alcohol! It is suggested to only apply water  to get it nice and clean.

    5.) Beware of Knocking Against Hard Surfaces

    In order to keep your  item in good condition with a beautiful appearance, be aware of how you wear it. If it is a necklace, it could knock against the edge of something, causing it to crack or break. Make sure you store your  figurine in a safe place where it won’t fall. Hitting any  stone into other hard objects can permanently damage and devalue its worth.

    - If your Jewellery is rare, unique or exquisite, you will want to do anything you can to protect your investment. Following these few techniques will ensure that it still looks amazing for years to come.

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